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Polluted Series - Brenna Arnold



A selection of ceramic pots made by artist Brenna Arnold, available in a range of colours and sizes in-store.

These pots are part of Brenna's collection entitled the "Polluted Series".
Brenna explains her inspiration from ocean pollution for this series; "The ‘Polluted Series’ reflects my growing concern for the environment. Specifically, the huge amount of pollution making its way into the ocean."

Within this series, Brenna has created seven different pots, "each representing a highly polluted body of water and its unique contaminants. The forms evoke single use plastic bottles, while the coloured clay and textured glazes embody the microplastics and chemical waste within the oceans and seas." - Brenna Arnold.

This particular pot is named 'The North Pacific Gyre', named after the Gyre itself. Other pots in the series include "The Indian Ocean", "The Baltic Sea", "The Mediterranean Sea", "The Gulf of Mexico", "The Caribbean Sea" and "The North Atlantic Gyre".